Mi Unlock: How To Unlock Xiaomi Devices On Bootloader using Mi Flash Tool

Mi Unlock: Mi unlocks Apply for unlocking Mi device’s bootloader and be qualified to perform a range of things like rooting your Android flashing ROMs, swapping MIUI Recovery with custom one, replacing MIUI Recovery with a custom one, and many more cool things.

In this thorough and in-depth article, you’ll be able the knowledge unlock the Xiaomi bootloader using the best possible manner. In addition, you’ll also be able to learn what is mi unlock as well as the Mi Flash unlock tool.

Before we move on to the main portion of the guide I’d like to let you know the meaning of BootloaderWhy it is with a lock, and how to unlock it?

The Bootloader? Why is it locked?

For those who are geeky The simplest introduction to”bootloader” is ” the bootloader is the program which is responsible for checking and loading of the Android operating system or the first process that starts during a device boot“.

In simple terms, it’s a program or script that blocks the user from causing trouble on the OS. The amount of times we restart our device The bootloader scans the system for all required files and folders which are required for the operation of the OS.

Then comes the most intriguing question that is the reason the bootloader gets locked?

The simple answer to this is to ensure that, in order to prevent any harm for the gadget, its manufacturer blocks the bootloader. This ensures that you aren’t in a position to make any changes or changes to your device. Since a device that has an unlocked bootloader can be vulnerable to spyware and malware.

When you open the bootloader, it will lose the warranty of your device’s manufacturer. Additionally but you’ll make your Android device vulnerable to hacking hackers. In the simplest terms, you’ll be able to hack your Android phone will be able to be controlled remotely. Because you’ve been able to manually allow modifications on the OEM.

Advantages and Benefits of Having an 

Now, let’s talk about the benefits you will enjoy when you unlock the bootloader on your Xiaomi or Mi device.

In essence, when you unlock your device, you will make it super strong to handle any kind of job, such as flashing, rooting, tweaking, for example.

Below we have put together a list of benefits you can avail of using an unlocked device.

  • Flash Custom ROMs, Images, Kernels, etc.
  • Get rid of pre-installed software and other bloatware.
  • You can root your Android to gain SuperUser capabilities.
  • Replace the stock recovery with custom recovery options like TWRP and CWM,.
  • Eliminate annoying ads and pop-ups.
  • Play games and apps that are compatible quickly.
  • Increase battery life and performance with a few simple hacks.
  • Simple modifications and tweaks can be made for the OS.
  • There are many more.

In the previous paragraphs, we’ve listed some of the most well-known and well-known benefits of having a bootloader unlocked. In addition to those, however, there’s plenty of other advantages you can accomplish using an MIUI to unlock the device.

As with everything of us, we recognize that there are always dark sides also. Therefore, there are three main disadvantages you could face during or following the unlocking of your MIUI device. The three are as follows:

  • The warranty of your device is canceled.
  • When you unlock the bootloader, your Xiaomi device might cause bricks.
  • and finally at last, when you get a bootloader unlocked. You can say goodbye to any future OEM and security patches.

How To Unlock Xiaomi Devices Bootloader – MI bootloader unlock

Locking the bootloader of the Xiaomi device will completely erase your phone. This erases all types of data, including images videos and audio, documents, and various other documents. In short. This process will reset your device to factory settings. Therefore, it is recommended to make a complete backup of your information prior to starting the entire procedure.

We are now in the section of this guide that will guide you through unlocking your Xiaomi phone using the authentic method.

Notice: This guide is intended for Xiaomi devices that run on MIUI OS. Because MIUI has an unlocked bootloader that can only be deactivated by following the official procedure by Xiaomi. Android One users of Xiaomi Mi A1. A2 and A3 do not have to go through this process. They can simply access their phones’ bootloader with ADB as well as the Fastboot method.

Now, let’s go to the following instructions:

  1. Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool.
  2. After you have downloaded the zip file and extracted the files, save them on your desktop.
  3. Go to Android settings > About Phone.
  4. Tap 7 repeatedly to “Build Number” until you receive a popup that says “You’re now a developer”.
  5. Then go back to the settings that you used previously.
  6. Select Other Settings > Developer Options.
  7. Scroll down, then tap to the USB Debugging as well as the OEM Unlocking options to enable them.
  8. After that, switch off the Xiaomi Mi/Redmi device completely.
  9. After this, you can boot into bootloader or fastboot mode by pressing the Volume Down key and Power Key for a few minutes.
  10. After you are in the fastboot mode After that, connect to connect your Xiaomi phone to your computer with a USB cable.
  11. After connecting the cable connect to your computer and open on your desktop the Mi Flash Unlock tool .exe file.
  12. The screen will request permission. Just hit ‘Agree’.
  13. You will then be required to log in to your Mi account for the device you wish to unlock.
  14. After you log in, you’ll find your device is connected after you’ve completed the steps successfully.
  15. Click on “UNLOCK” and wait for 5 minutes. Click on ‘Unlock Anytime’.
  16. Wait for five seconds before clicking “Unlock Anyway’.
  17. The process of unlocking should begin to increase in percentage. Therefore, wait until the device is verified and then unlock it.
  18. In 99 percent of cases when you are at 99%, you will encounter an error stating that you need to wait for a certain time frame in order to open the bootloader. The time period will be specified in hours. It will be roughly one week or seven days.
  19. Therefore, please wait at least seven days and use the same method within this Mi flash tool.
  20. If you’ve had a wait of one week. Let’s take it further. Make sure USB Debugging Mode, as well as OEM unlocking, are turned on in the settings. Also, make sure you’ve logged into your device using the same Mi account you’ll be using for unlocking.
  21. Click again on “Agree” > ‘UNLOCK’ > ‘Unlock Anyway’ > “Unlock Anyway”.
  22. In the end, the unlocking process will start once more and this time, it will be successful.
  23. After the process is completed then click on ‘Reboot phone’.
  24. The device will then reboot. device back to your original MIUI OS.
  25. Last but not least, set the settings of your brand new MIUI OS which is now unlocked.

This was our step-by-step shoot for mi unlock or bootloader unlocks. To verify the status as unlocked Go to settings and tap on ‘build seven times to activate the developer option. Once you have enabled it, go to the Settings menu > ‘Additional settings “Developer Options” > “Mi unlocks status’. Now, you’ll be able to see the message “This device is locked”.

If you’re experiencing any issues while unlocking the bootloader on your Xiaomi device, please feel free to write us a note below.

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