Razer Theme Store Closing soon

After poor hardware sales and negative feedback from the community, Razer decided to end support for its theme store by August 24, 2022.

Razer Theme Store: Razer Theme Store can be described as the home of the custom-designed themes specifically for Razer phones, which provide an enormous visual makeover to the phone. Since it’s shutting off, Razer advised users to install any themes they would like and install them.

End of Razer Theme Store

One of the brands that we can count on within the game smartphone market includes Razer which is a company that ventured into the smartphone market after it acquired Nextbit, a maker of smartphones. And within a mere 10 years, Razer came up with its first smartphone – Razer Phone.

Although it looked old-fashioned and had thick bezels on both ends, it was a top performer in the performance department. In the past, it was among the few phones with 120Hz displays with dual speakers on the front as well as a huge battery of 4,000mAh.

After that, the Razer Phone 2 was upgraded with an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, the top processor at the time – and the vapor chamber cooling system to allow efficient heat dissipation. Additionally, it has an adjustable RGB lighting, an 120Hz display, as well as dual front-facing speakers.

While the phones are aimed at gamers who play mobile games but they didn’t attract the attention they needed. This caused Razer to question the existence of the device and then put it on hold until plans for the Razer Phone 3 debut. The company is now taking down its Razer theme app store, too.

Razer Theme Store Closing soon
Razer Theme Store is Shutting Down Soon

As stated on the support page for HTML0, users will receive the plug from Razer Theme Store on August 24th 2022. Therefore, customers are encouraged to browse the theme store and choose their desired wallpaper they want right now. The theme store, however, cannot let users save several of them and then change them later.

But, Razer is directing users to a separate website that keeps a selection of themes. The application of any of them will alter not just the look but also the launcher’s settings and lock screen, among others. Some themes can also be applied to the IP of video games such as Namco’s Tekken or The WB’s Dying Light and more.

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