Important Battery-Saving Tips for iPhone users

You don’t want your iPhone’s battery to die if you work from home or the office. A dead phone can cause you to miss important calls or be unable to communicate with your team. These issues can be avoided by following the tips below.

1. Activate the Low Power Mode

It automatically adjusts several settings in Low Power Mode to prolong the battery’s life. It reduces the brightness and battery consumption of apps. It disables automatic email fetching and powers down the display faster. To activate Low-Power Mode, click Settings > Batterie, then tap High Power Mode.

2. Reduce the brightness of your screen

Your iPhone’s screen brightness will affect how much battery your iPhone uses. To adjust the brightness of your iPhone screen, swipe the Control Center tab up from the bottom. You’ll see a horizontal circle with a circle at the centre and a sun symbol on the sides. To adjust the brightness, move the process left or right.

Alternatively, you can adjust the brightness of your iPhone in Settings > Show & Brightness. You can also turn off Automatic Brightness from this screen. This will change the brightness of your smartphone. This setting will ensure that your phone doesn’t waste battery power by adjusting the brightness too high.

3. Wi-Fi can be turned off

Wi-Fi activation can drain your battery depending on where you are. Wi-Fi, for instance, will consume less battery if you are at home. However, when you are on the move, your phone will constantly search for Wi-Fi signals to connect to. This drains the battery. Your phone will last longer if you put off mobile browsing and email until you return home or work.

4. Turn off cell data

Cellular data, like Wi-Fi, can quickly drain battery, especially if there is no cellular coverage. This causes your phone to search for a signal and consumes lots of power. If you are running low on battery or don’t require data, switch off your cellular data service. This can give you an additional hour or so of battery life.

5. Activate the airplane mode

You need to be able to take drastic measures in times of crisis. This is why aeroplane mode is so helpful. You may need aeroplane mode if your battery life is less than 20% and you want it to last a few more hours. Your phone will stop all wireless activity, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

This is not a good idea, but it is possible if your battery is low and you need your phone to be available in an emergency. While in aeroplane mode, you can turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functions individually.

You can change to aeroplane mode by clicking on Flight mode or the Control Center screen.

6. A power bank is a great idea

If you plan to use Wi-Fi or cellular data for extended periods, buying a power bank is good. They are becoming smaller and lighter, so they’re easy to carry around. It’s easy to slip a power bank into your pocket and then use it whenever needed.

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